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23786Re: [SCA-Archery] IKAC Status and period shoots

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  • Carolus
    Nov 8, 2007
      Great post. This is the spirit I have grown up with in the SCA and
      try to promote. Many folks tend to forget this is a hobby many only
      play at for a few hours a month or week. Our events are nothing more
      than costume party socials to give us a place to share our real
      accomplishments in education. That a small few become very
      proficient in a particular activity is wonderful and the fact that
      they can present a model worthy of inspiration and emulation is
      admirable. But those people need to recognize that they are a very
      special elite. Most of the rest of the participants will never reach
      that level. We need to keep our sport accessible and inviting to the
      masses. I have been shooting over 40 years now and have watched
      archery fall from a common participant sport to a nearly invisible
      one, the SCA is one of the best places to introduce it and expand
      it. If we make it too exclusive to the common member, we sill soon
      find it unavailable to the rest of us as well.

      At 10:19 AM 11/8/2007, you wrote:

      >Speaking as a re-newbie, after being out for 10 years or so before
      >getting back in, the true aim is indeed to get the newbie to the
      >awesome wood bow with no shelf and horn nocks, etc. But like
      >anything worthwhile, this is a journey, not a job interview. We
      >don't show up to the field that first time ready to win our first
      >IKAC competition or walk away with Crown tourney under our belts.
      >So, yeah, start with that fiberglass bow. Just dont' stay with it.
      >And, when we get that first decent recurve, we become the example
      >that the next set of fresh faced newbies comes to emulate. When we
      >get to the awesome longbow with horn tips and that set of hand
      >fletched arrows, we become what we once tried to be. I don't think
      >that journey would be as satisfying if we were required to start at
      >the top and coast along. Period shoots are ways to recreate teh
      >Middle Ages, yeah, and great to have as a part of period archery.
      >But, the more important part here, at least in my eyes, isn't
      >as much the target as the archer. The target just gets shot at. The
      >archer is the one who displays the best parts of the current Middle
      >Ages, whether in a down to the stitches recreation of a period
      >archer's clothing or in a t-tunic and wal-mart firberglass bow and
      >quiver. In the end, people can see the spirit we bring to the line,
      >and they can see that spirit in the way we progress as archers. The
      >targets represent that spirit, yes, in that they show our dedication
      >to our sport (for lack of a better word). But they are only a part
      >of our overall contribution to the Society.
      >Just my two schillings worth,
      >Jon Strongebowe
      >Shire of Oakheart, Calontir
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