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23733Bow string keepers for sale

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  • Cian of Storvik
    Nov 5, 2007
      I have some free time and looking to hock a specific bow accessory.
      String keepers. An excellent item to spiff up your bow at events.
      Also an important acceossory for bow storage as it keeps the string
      from wrapping about the bow or slipping off completely when un-
      strung. If the string untwists it can change your brace height. I
      have pictures of a couple of the options available:


      Basic - Hand dyed leather (Color of your choice) string keeper
      w/deerskin lace and horn or antler button w/wooden beads (assorted).
      Option #1 - w/Stainless Concho -As above but with stainless steel
      concho (dragon or celtic cross) instead of horn or antler button:
      Option #2 - w/custom concho - stainless concho w/insert of your
      choice of badge/device on insert (Must supply me with image of
      device). Stained/Painted, finished and polished. +$8.00
      Option #3 - w/Tooled leather cup - (See image with Atlantian Ensign
      & Spike on inverse), devices, badges, ranks/awards can be tooled
      into leather. +$5.00
      Option #4 - w/glass beads. These are had made glass beads and I
      would have to defer to my bead supplier for cost depending on style
      and color. +Cost of beads

      Comes with simple illustrated instructions on use.
      Usable on Longbows and Recurves. A great Christmas present for the
      archer in your life. perfect stocking stuffer. I accept paypal.
      Fist class Shipping (Depending on where you are located) At most
      $2.50 in the continental U.S. for a single concho.
      Email me if you have questions or want one.