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  • Gary & Terri
    Oct 30, 2007
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      Greetings, all!

      If I haven't said this before, please excuse me. It's hard for me to get
      time to write to this list. I want to thank all of you for you kindnesses
      and the fantastic petition that was put together. I just read it two weeks

      For those that do not know, I was on the voting list for Midrealm to become
      a Pelican for service for Archery these past years. However, there were
      several Eastern Marshals this past Pennsic who put together a petition to
      Their Majesties of the Midrealm to ask them to elevate me into this order.
      Master Mark Squirrelsbane, Mistress Baroness Tamar of the East instigated
      this, and had about 100 signatures from the Pennsic Ranges that were from
      all Kingdoms, Archery Marshals, Archers, Populace and Peers. Mistresses
      Tamar, Pagean and another Pelican from the East, left the Pennsic Archery
      Championships to go to the Midrealm Pelican meeting with the signed
      petition. Mistress Tamar managed to get this done while I was at the ranges
      and I never noticed anything odd. That night, they tricked me into Midrealm
      Royal, where I was put on vigil (about 9pm). I had planned on going to
      Philips (East Marshal) vigil..

      To make a long story short, Thursday at Midrealm court, preceded by the
      Greenwood Company, Scarlet Guard and other Archery Marshals and Archers with
      full gear from The West, Aethelmearc, Atlantia, East, Midrealm, Ealdomere
      and others, I walked into court followed by my family and Household (Duke
      Syr Talymar's and I was elevated.

      My heart sang as I walked, not that I was receiving this honor, but that all
      the hard work that everyone had done and the honor they were giving me by
      attending Midrealm Court. Afterwards, there was a wine and cheese revel at
      my encampment, prepared and hosted by my Mistress Melisande and Mistress
      Nichola Halden which was open to everyone who participated. (There were two
      other revels nearby, so people floated between the three.) For all the
      friends that were there Thank you! For those that couldn't go to Pennsic,
      you were sorely missed.

      Yours in Service,

      Roewynne Langley

      (and just for you Mark - Mistress)

      Pennsic Youth Archery Commander


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