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23536help! arrow problems!

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  • Aiden
    Oct 5, 2007
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      ( a little long)

      I am haveing a bit of a problem, and could use some help. A few
      months ago i bought some ceder shafts from 3rivers archery, with the
      intent of building more arrows for target shooting.
      With one thing or another,(2 floods, moveing in and out of the house
      2 times), i just recently got back to this project. I am haveing a
      problem with the arrows takeing the white primerbase coat paint for
      cresting. I began as normal, sanded the shafts with 150 grit
      sandpaper, moved up to 250 resanded, used some steal wool to check
      for any bad spots in the wood, use a tack cloth to clean any
      lingering dust or bit of steel wool, dipped them in fletch lac
      clear. I let the arrows dry for a day, had to take care of some
      stuff at the house, and began to prepare for a demo that weekend.
      The next night I began dipping the arrows in fletch lac white to
      prep for cresting. At this time i noticed that of the 2 dozen shats
      only 2-3 where takeing paint correctly. The rest all streak, or have
      spots that the paint will not take on the shafts at all no matter
      how many times i dip them, I am at a total lose on what to do.
      I have tried resanding, useing thinner to make sure there was
      nothing on the shafts, re dipped in blue clear in case there was
      something wrong with the regular clear, and i am still haveing the
      same streaks and bare spots. HELP!!! anyone have any advice at
      all ??
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