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23530Re: [SCA-Archery] Making an Armguard?

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  • Jeff Morton
    Sep 24, 2007
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      Its a good weight for women's bodices, too. Then again, I guess that
      could be considered more armor than garment :)

      On 9/24/07, ICE TIGER <ice.tiger@...> wrote:
      > Boots, mocassins, in other words footwear. Yeah that I could see but it wouldn't be flexible enough for clothes, that's what was messing me up when you said "garment". I don't think of footwear when I hear garment. Thanks for clarifying. I still think 5-6 would be a more reasonable mix of weight and flexibility that provides suitable protection but that's just me. If a person is continually whacking themselves the problem isn't with the equipment it's with their form and that's what should be fixed. Putting a heavy arm guard on so you don't feel the string hit doesn't fix the form problem.
      > Dalton
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