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23522Re: [SCA-Archery] Making an Armguard?

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  • Richard Yeager
    Sep 24, 2007
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      What draw weight are you using? Heavier weights will require a heavier leather. We typically use oil tanned leather as opposed to tooling leather in our arm-guards. It is more supple and comfortable. The tooling leather is better for really heavy weight bows or if you want to decorate the arm-guard.

      Cuan mac Niall

      David Ludwig <dludwig@...> wrote: Hello all,

      For those of you familiar with leatherworking, I have a question:

      Not too long ago, I started getting into archery and am now looking to
      have my own set of equipment, instead of a borrowed set. I am
      interested in making a leather armguard, but have virtually no
      experience with leatherworking. I have a pattern for a bracer that
      looks like it'll do, but am not sure what kind of leather I ought to use.

      Looking through the Tandy Leather catalog has given me some clues, but
      I am still largely unsure of what to get. My best guess is that a
      tooling leather in the range of 6-10 oz would work, but that seems
      like a fairly wide range. What I am looking for is a weight that is
      hard enough to deflect errant bowstrings, but still have some softness
      and flexibility to it.

      Any thoughts on what type of leather might work?

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