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23497Target Archery at War of the Wints II

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  • loreleiElkins@aol.com
    Sep 17, 2007
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      Greetings good Gentles,
      Stop by the archery range to shoot for the Barony of your Choice during War
      of the Wings, October 12 - 14 in North Carolina. Target archery War Points
      will be determined by the cumulative scores from each side. We will shoot at a
      variety of targets such as wands, wreaths, castle slots and distance. There
      will be one timed round. War Points will be shot throughout the day.
      For fun and warm up, there will be stationary as well as moving and drop down
      targets. Other prize shoots will be scheduled throughout the day such as
      archery 'Tic, Tac, Toe' and 'Poker'. This includes a youth challenge.
      A Friday night torch-light shoot @ $2.00 a head will go toward the event's
      breast cancer fun raising efforts. We hope to see you on the archery range some
      time during the event. Until then, shoot straight!
      Lady Lorelei Greenleaf
      MIC Target Archery, War of the Wings II

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