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23474Re: [SCA-Archery] Help with scary vision thing. - Thanks

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  • 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Merrywoder Lutre
    Sep 13, 2007
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      I'd like to thank everyone who's replied on and off list.
      I guess the consensus is:
      1. Calm down and don't panic
      2. It could be fatigue (my glasses & script are less than 6 mo old
      and I've been shooting with them all along.)
      3. See a Doc ASAP.

      It won't be in time for King's Company this weekend, but I'm hoping
      things won't be too bad.

      Thanks to all.

      morgan wolf wrote:
      > Wait, that's unusual? The target ISN'T supposed to move and change
      > shape? The little spots swimming across my vision are a bad thing?
      > Huh. I've had this stuff my whole life, just ignored it.
      > Relax, see a doctor, relax, and let us know what you hear.
      > Morgan Blaidd Du,
      > mka Morgan Wolf
      > Damn Vicar Archery and Stuff
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      > Subject: [SCA-Archery] Help with scary vision thing.
      > Last night at archery practice, I was extremely disconcerted to have the
      > 5-ring 60cm bull optically distort each time I was taking a shot. It
      > was very upsetting and not a little scary. I'm attending King's Company
      > of Archers this weekend and I'm terrified that it might happen there and
      > even more terrified that it might be the symptom of some greater problem
      > like some sort of tumor or other difficulty that would lead to at least
      > migraines and blindness, if not something far worse.
      > I've created a somewhat accurate representation of how things looked
      > though I think at times despite the rings floating so that they
      > 'touched' the outside of the next larger ring, it did seem that the
      > whole thing ended up being asymmetrically more towards one corner...
      > i.e., in my drawing the bull still remains centered in the target
      > overall, but I don't think that was, or always was the case here.
      > Here's the image (the rings aren't the correct colors and the divisions
      > are not properly sized but it still illustrates what was happening)
      > If the inline image does not come through on the list, you can see it
      > here as well:
      > http://bramblethorn
      > <http://bramblethorn e.org/Photos/ main.php? g2_itemId= 3571
      > <http://bramblethorn e.org/Photos/ main.php? g2_itemId= 3571> >
      > e.org/Photos/ main.php? g2_itemId= 3571
      > Here are further details:
      > 1. I do not close my non-dominant eye while sighting on the target.
      > 2. If I switched sides to see if it was one eye or the other, the same
      > thing happened, though if I remember right it seemed to drift to the top
      > left instead of seeming to drift to the bottom right. I may be
      > misremembering.
      > 3. I don't recall if it 'drifted' into the configuration really quickly,
      > or if it was just 'that way' when I focused down.
      > 4. At 20 yards
      > 5. May be my glasses. I was fiddling with them all through practice
      > after it started happening but to no avail.
      > 6. I am severely fatigued
      > 7. I think I actually shot more accurately when I didn't try to fight
      > it.
      > 8. It left me disoriented and a little unsteady on my feet, and made me
      > have to close my eyes tightly and breathe a bit after every let, before
      > opening to prevent slight vertigo. It also left me very upset,
      > preoccupied and depressed.
      > Do any of you know anything about this? To be quite often, having the
      > image pasted in the document while I compose and look below it is
      > creating a very similar disorientation and vertigo
      > Please... please have good news. I'm beside myself with concern over
      > this, and more than a little scared.
      > --
      > // Merry
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      > "Merry" Toirdhealbhach Meriwether Lutre
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      > Formerly known as Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      > Mundanely known as Christian M. Cepel
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      // Merry

      "Merry" Toirdhealbhach Merrywoder Lutre
      Shire of Standing Stones, University of Missouri at Columbia
      Formerly known as Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      Mundanely known as Christian M. Cepel
      http://Thistledowne.org/ http://ShireOfStandingStones.org/

      'Toirdhealbhach' or modernly Anglicized 'Turlough'
      Is pronounced as 'tur-low' or tur-logh'

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