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23468Re: [SCA-Archery] Help with scary vision thing.

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  • John Rossignol
    Sep 14, 2007
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      morgan wolf wrote:
      > The little spots swimming across my vision are a bad thing?

      That depends: are they shaped like Norsemen? French knights? Daleks?

      Sorry, I couldn't resist that.

      Merry, I agree completely with Lyneya: please, go see an
      ophthalmologist, and probably an M.D. too. Find out. Don't live in
      dread and maybe danger. Even if it's nothing medically serious in
      itself, like optical migraines (which I also get), it could become very
      dangerous if it happens when you are driving a car. (And may make it
      impossible to read, work at a computer, etc., while it's going on.) If
      it is something potentially serious, it's much better to catch it early.

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