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23462Re: Help with scary vision thing.

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  • lindorie55
    Sep 13, 2007
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      OK, I can give you one of those been there, done that, stories, but
      that really won't help. You need to make an appointment for an ASAP
      appointment with an ophthamologist. It is possible that an
      Optomitrist can answer your questions, but more likely that you need
      a full medical doctor. Really finding out what is going on will make
      you feel a lot better than all of the anecdotes that you will find
      here. This isn't something to guess at. If there really is a problem,
      you need to get it diagnosed and treatment started like yesterday. If
      it is just fatigue, getting older, etc, well, you will know for
      certain and have a throrough exam under your belt. Please do not just
      wait for things to go away, or figure that when things have improved
      after sleep that it is all over.

      I had a similar situation many years ago. I was driving and developed
      double vision that didn't go away for several hours. My
      ophthamologist sent me to two university eye clinics for further
      evaluation, and after being tested for a variety of not so pleasant
      things, it was determined that I have several muscles in my eyes that
      spasm irregularly. It's called a non specific adult strabissimus. I'd
      apparently had it all my adult life, but my brain had been able to
      compensate for it and I'd never had any issues that my optomitrists
      had seen. The stress of having a toddler, working full time and
      living in a failing marriage in addition to gradual worsening of the
      condition meant that there was more going on than my brain could
      handle and fix. New glasses fixed the problem for the most part, but
      I have had to learn to deal with some issues with archery. I don't
      know if I will ever be a top-notch archer, but I enjoy shooting and I
      have a lot of fun within the archery community.

      Get your appointments set ASAP and set your mind at ease!!

      Lyneya de Grey

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Meriwether
      Lutre <Merry@...> wrote:
      > Last night at archery practice, I was extremely disconcerted to
      have the
      > 5-ring 60cm bull optically distort each time I was taking a shot.
      > was very upsetting and not a little scary. I'm attending King's
      > of Archers this weekend and I'm terrified that it might happen
      there and
      > even more terrified that it might be the symptom of some greater
      > like some sort of tumor or other difficulty that would lead to at
      > migraines and blindness, if not something far worse.
      > I've created a somewhat accurate representation of how things
      > though I think at times despite the rings floating so that they
      > 'touched' the outside of the next larger ring, it did seem that the
      > whole thing ended up being asymmetrically more towards one
      > i.e., in my drawing the bull still remains centered in the target
      > overall, but I don't think that was, or always was the case here.
      > Here's the image (the rings aren't the correct colors and the
      > are not properly sized but it still illustrates what was happening)
      > If the inline image does not come through on the list, you can see
      > here as well:
      > http://bramblethorne.org/Photos/main.php?g2_itemId=3571
      > Here are further details:
      > 1. I do not close my non-dominant eye while sighting on the target.
      > 2. If I switched sides to see if it was one eye or the other, the
      > thing happened, though if I remember right it seemed to drift to
      the top
      > left instead of seeming to drift to the bottom right. I may be
      > misremembering.
      > 3. I don't recall if it 'drifted' into the configuration really
      > or if it was just 'that way' when I focused down.
      > 4. At 20 yards
      > 5. May be my glasses. I was fiddling with them all through
      > after it started happening but to no avail.
      > 6. I am severely fatigued
      > 7. I think I actually shot more accurately when I didn't try to
      fight it.
      > 8. It left me disoriented and a little unsteady on my feet, and
      made me
      > have to close my eyes tightly and breathe a bit after every let,
      > opening to prevent slight vertigo. It also left me very upset,
      > preoccupied and depressed.
      > Do any of you know anything about this? To be quite often, having
      > image pasted in the document while I compose and look below it is
      > creating a very similar disorientation and vertigo
      > Please... please have good news. I'm beside myself with concern
      > this, and more than a little scared.
      > --
      > // Merry
      > ----------
      > "Merry" Toirdhealbhach Meriwether Lutre
      > Shire of Standing Stones, University of Missouri at Columbia
      > Formerly known as Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      > Mundanely known as Christian M. Cepel
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