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23420Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: archery illustrations: Shooting Technique???

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  • Jeff Morton
    Sep 5, 2007
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      Note also that all figures are roughly the same size regardless of
      distance, and all objects are shown in their classic profile. Axes,
      swords, daggers, and flags are all shown with their classic profiles
      as though they were diagrams in a book. The artist was clearly
      depicting an event without a lot of perspective or realism. Drawing
      the crossbow that way clearly shows it is a crossbow without showing
      you how the archer was actually using it. I'd say the archer was
      placed there because the archer wanted to depict archers on the tower
      shooting with crossbows, but not saying any more than that.

      On 9/5/07, logantheboweyder <logantheboweyder@...> wrote:
      > Looking at the first illustration from the Maj. Bible:
      > http://www1.tip.nl/~t401243/mac/mac10rA.jpg
      > Any thoughts as to the shooting style on that crossbow? Holding it
      > behind the nut, holding the bow part oriented vertically, or the
      > behind-the-head release? For an archery tradition culture, the
      > vertical oriented bow, especially in a castle defense situation where
      > you want your archers lined up close together, that seems plausible,
      > but I have my questions as to artistic license/ignorance with the
      > other two parts.
      > Logan
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