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23369Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: In need of improved gear

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  • Carl West
    Aug 20, 2007
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      When logantheboweyder put fingers to keys it was 8/20/07 10:20 AM...

      > My understanding is that if you did get the working area wide
      > enough, it would have too little resistance to limb twisting, and
      > when drawn the siryaah would cause the favored bend to be a twist
      > rather than a flex. I don't understand the relationship between
      > limb dimensions and resistance to twist, but qualitatively know that
      > it is easier to twist a 45 lb fiberglass laminate recurve limb than
      > a 45lb solid fiberglass longbow limb for instance, and that is
      > mostly because laminate is wider but thinner.

      Hmmm... I hadn't gone that far in the idea.
      I can see trying to draw it straight would be like balancing a vertical
      broomstick on your finger, but without the control. Hmmm.

      I still think the as-wide-as-necessary concept works for a long bow, but
      as soon as you start putting a forward curve in the limbs, all hell
      breaks loose.


      Carl West
      http://prospecthillforge.com : The Blacksmithing Classroom
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