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23354Re: In need of improved gear

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  • Ko
    Aug 17, 2007
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      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Cian of Storvik"
      <firespiter@...> wrote:
      > I have a grozer Scythian style bow (very small 30#) all made of
      > fiberglass but covered in leather. Perfect for a 14th century
      > perosonae ;). I wanted something small and unencumbering for CA (So
      > wouldn't smack people with it unintentionally or get tangled-up on
      > melee weapon or other bow).
      > I used it at combat archery practice once for the first time, stuck
      > balder blunt on it, pointed it up the hill and the thing took off
      > a bullet. Probably went about 50 yards further then I would have
      > imagined.
      > At the call of "Lay-on" I shot an arcing shot over the heads of the
      > front line of my side (intending to hit harry the opposition with a
      > shot.). It went over our front line, their vanguard, their
      rearguard, a
      > tree, a house and if I'm not mistaken may currently be
      > the earth in a low altitutde orbit over Batswana right now...but
      > seriously, it has great cast to it.
      > I am a longbowman, but the reflex-deflex bow with active tips
      > out-outshoots most of my other bows, and with no hand-shock.
      > -Cian

      I've tried the Balder blunts off the bow I normally shoot with, the
      Black widow Ironwood SA III. Granted it is 33 lbs, over the limit of
      the standard CA rules but I was able to hit a target the size of a
      medium kite shield at over 40 yards on the first shot.

      I think with practice though anyone can be good on any bow, I just
      think there is a greater learning curve with those horsebows. Also I
      think because they are designed for thumb rings, shooting them the
      normal way may have contributed to my difficulties with them.
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