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23352Re: In need of improved gear

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  • logantheboweyder
    Aug 17, 2007
      The all fiberglass kids bow from Indian Archery, and its ilk, is a
      far step below the beginner laminated recurve, like what Buckeye
      (hawkeye?) produces. A lot of that is due to bow design. The
      Indian recurve has massive bow tips, for starters.

      That doesn't seem to be the case with the horsebows; Kasaii,
      Horsebows.com, and Saluki (I think I have those three brands
      correct... Grozny = Horsebows.com???) all make a all-fiberglass
      working-part horsebow wrapped up to hide the fiberglass, and they
      all shoot well. They all come with the horsebow's grip which
      doesn't guide your hand to the correct grip like a modern recurve
      does, and they are all designed for a thumb release. They can be
      shot with a mediterranean release accurately, but one needs to learn
      to concentrate more on bow grip, and you need arrows that are ok to
      shoot off the hand, and spined lighter to account for the archer's
      paradox that isn't nearly as much in play with a centershot bow.

      I suspect that with a bit of coaching and a month of practice, you
      would be shooting nearly as well with a horsebow as you would be
      with a short flatbow or hunting recurve.

      Logan, who does NOT have the skills to make a horsebow. *sigh*

      > >
      > Perhaps thats what it is. The only experience I have with
      > was shooting other people's and each time they were using
      > matched arrows in spine to their bow. Each time I tried it, the
      > arrows were not shooting consistently. Sure the grip has alot to
      > with it, but it was also cause of the problems. To shoot a
      > consistently you have to grip the bow in the exact same place
      > single time you shoot it, and your hand has to be the exact same
      > surface when you rest your arrows on it. Too much variables in my
      > opinion.
      > As for the Fiberglass, I was comparing them to the Laminated
      > recurves. They are far more efficient and have better range. I
      > understand it may not be period, but I'm a fan of better equipment
      > over period equipment.
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