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23351Re: In need of improved gear

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  • Ko
    Aug 17 6:47 AM
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      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Fritz <carl.west@...> wrote:
      > When Ko put fingers to keys it was 8/16/07 3:52 PM...
      > > ... Well, its mostly because horsebows are not centershot
      > > so you have a tendency to throw arrows off to the left.
      > If your arrows are being thrown to the left your arrows are too
      > or the heads too light, or the shafts too short, or the brace
      height too
      > low.
      > Match the arrows to the bow and the question of centershot v. wide
      > handle becomes moot.
      > > That coupled with the fact that fiberglass bows just don't shoot
      > > good as wood ones is what I was talking about.
      > What do you mean by "just don't shoot as good"?
      > Fiberglass is far more consistent than wood, it is far less
      affected by
      > humidity, and far less subject to loss of power while being held at
      > I admit I've never shot a horsebow of any material, but it strikes
      > that the design _might_ be particularly sensitive to slight
      > in grip and release. Especially compared to the longbow.
      > --
      > Fritz
      > Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.

      Perhaps thats what it is. The only experience I have with horsebows
      was shooting other people's and each time they were using supposidly
      matched arrows in spine to their bow. Each time I tried it, the
      arrows were not shooting consistently. Sure the grip has alot to do
      with it, but it was also cause of the problems. To shoot a horsebow
      consistently you have to grip the bow in the exact same place every
      single time you shoot it, and your hand has to be the exact same
      surface when you rest your arrows on it. Too much variables in my

      As for the Fiberglass, I was comparing them to the Laminated
      recurves. They are far more efficient and have better range. I
      understand it may not be period, but I'm a fan of better equipment
      over period equipment.
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