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23335Re: [SCA-Archery] In need of improved gear

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  • Robin Goldman
    Aug 15, 2007
      Youth starter set ok for now. But I will think about it first.



      Dayrl Merrill <dmerrill@...> wrote:
      If you go to my website ( www.dmerrill.com ) you can place the order there
      and either print the invoice and mail the payment or pay through
      paypal. The basic price for 3 solid color fletched arrows with and nocks
      and field tips is $55.00 plus shipping. 4 fletched same components are
      $60.00 plus shipping. The color choices and stains available are listed
      there. If you want the barred feathers (two color, Black and some other)
      they add $2.50 per barred feather on the shaft. i.e. 2 barred feathers add
      $5.00 per dozen. If you don't want to use the website then let me know the
      poundage of your bow and your color choices and I can work up the quote and
      either invoice you through paypal or have you send the payment. I do have
      a few sets made upthat I take to events, but it will depend on your
      poundage if any I have match. I also have some generic starter/youth
      arrows. Thoase are good up to 40 pounds but you don't get the color choices
      there since they are premade. They are $18.00 for 6 or $30 for 12 plus

      Just let me know if and how you want to proceed.



      At 04:40 PM 8/15/07, you wrote:

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