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22767Re: [SCA-Archery] turkey feathers

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  • Fritz
    Apr 30, 2007
      When Bill Brown put fingers to keys it was 4/30/07 7:50 PM...

      > Though I have only had the opportunity to fletch with turkey feathers once
      > from a bird I killed I was shown a pretty effective and simple way of
      > removing the fletching you want off of a raw feather. It was shown to me
      > that if you grab a pinch near the tip in both directions and pull apart,
      > like a wishbone one side gives and begins to peal off of the "stalk" of the
      > feather. What's cool is the hard undersurface of most fletching is gone; it
      > is with this hard part of a hand cut arrow stem that you run the real risk
      > of shooting a fletching through your hand. These soft sided feathers are
      > placed in a jig and glued to the shaft (or tied for that period look). What
      > is on the shaft (after trimming with hair cutting shears) everything away
      > that doesn't look like the arrow fletching you desire) is a smooth
      > transition from shaft to feather. Not to mention I think I get better glue
      > coverage this way. Removing these once glued is another story.lol
      > Domingos

      Yes, yes, yes.
      Practice on some of the lesser feathers first. I've found that with the
      moulted feathers I use that I want to pull away and down toward the
      in-side of the feather. Experiment with different grips and directions
      of pull.

      Fresher is better, strip the feathers as soon as you can. Use the quills
      to make friends with calligraphers.

      That I strip the feathers this way is part of how I get away with
      shooting off my hand with neither a glove, nor fear.


      Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.
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