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22667Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: New "Mail In Tournament"

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  • Fritz
    Apr 25 7:40 AM
      When Mark R. Miller put fingers to keys it was 4/24/07 6:40 PM...

      > So if I have already done 10 & 20 yards, and come out one day and start
      > at 30 yards, shoot 10 arrows, don't make it, shoot another 10, don't
      > make it, shoot another 10 and this time make it; I can then move back
      > to 40 yards and continue shooting?
      > I don't have to declare ahead of time that the next ten I shoot are for
      > score? I just can't start shooting and on my 4 arrow miss and then
      > start over again. I should been shooting a full round of 10 no matter
      > what?

      The rules are not specific about that (that I can see) but the real
      object of all of this is to become a better archer. Toward that end I
      say shoot the full set of ten every time.

      If you are missing now and again, your skill needs work, work on it. The
      test in this shoot is whether you can intentionally put ten consecutive
      arrows where you want them.

      If you were to just start over every time you missed too many to improve
      your score, part of what you were testing would be your luck instead of
      your skill.

      Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.
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