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22664Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: New "Mail In Tournament"

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  • Fritz
    Apr 24, 2007
      When Mark R. Miller put fingers to keys it was 4/24/07 1:18 PM...

      > I'm sorry if I'm dense, but let me see if I got this format right.
      > I go out one day, practice as much as I want and then declare I am
      > going to start the round. I hit 8 out of 10 at 10 yards, so my score
      > is 8 and I'm done for the day.
      > The next day I go out, practice, then declare the start, shoot 10 out
      > or 10 at 10 yards, move back to 20 yards and get a 3 out of 10. I
      > have a score of 13 and am done for the day.
      > The next day I go out, practice at any range I want, then declare a
      > start and start at 20 yards, get 8 out of 10, my score is 18 and I am
      > done for the day.
      > And so on.
      > Does this sound correct?

      Hmmm... my impression is that you may shoot as many flights of ten as
      you like in a day, progressing backwards as you get ten in at each
      distance. No per-day or declaration constraints on shooting are given.

      From the original posting:
      > ... The archer starts out
      > standing 10 yards from the target and shoots a flight of 10 arrows. Once a
      > "perfect 10" is scored, the archer progresses back to 20 yards. Score is
      > the total of hits on target up to the present position. For example, s
      > person posting a score of 11 has shot the required perfect round at 10 yards
      > and hit 1 in the flight at 20 yards. Once one has run that "perfect 10" at
      > a given distance, he/she/it/they need not shoot that distance again for the
      > rest of the season. Explaination: once you hit 10/10 at 10 yards, you
      > progress to 20 yards and start each time at 20 yards for score. You may
      > shoot the shorter distances for practice, but once you have scored 10/10 at
      > a given distance, no further score at that distance need be submitted. A
      > score of 55 means that the archer has managed that "perfect 10" at 10, 20,
      > 30, 40, and 50 yards and has hit 5 of 10 at 60 yards.


      > You may submit one score per person per day.

      Which I take to mean your cumulative score at the end of the day.

      Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.
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