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22648Re: [SCA-Archery] Looking for longbow

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  • dmerrill@omnicityusa.com
    Apr 13, 2007
      Perhaps I can help. For arrows. check out www.dmerrill.com under the archery
      supplies portion. I have been in and around the SCA since the mid 80's and
      make arrows for even longer. As for a longbow if you like something at
      www.kustomkingarchery.com I should be able to give you a 10% discount as I am
      a wholesale buyer from them.

      SCA: Rask Ulbjorn,
      Viking Archery Supply

      Mundane: Dayrl Merrill

      Quoting George <goakes@...>:

      > Hey group,
      > I am looking for a longbow to use in our SCA Archery events. 70 or so
      > inches long, and a draw weight of 50lbs or so, with a 30 inch draw. I
      > wish to also hunt with this bow.
      > I have been shooting for years, but a Compound bow, and aluminum arrows
      > are not allowed at sca events.
      > So I have been scouring the web looking for something more period. I
      > have seen bows made from Hickory costing a mere hundred dollars on ebay
      > and one other website, to Yew and Osage Orange bows for 500-1500
      > dollars. Being on a limited budget I am looking for something more in
      > the 100 dollar range.
      > I do have 2 compound bows that are also for sale. They are older
      > models, I am thinking one is a Bear Whitetail Hunter, and another is a
      > PSE, left handed model.
      > I am keeping my compound bow for hunting, and I have a junior compound
      > bow my daughters use.
      > Also a good source for cedar arrows will be needed. I live in
      > Clearwater Florida.
      > Yours in Service
      > Gavin Kinkaide
      > Barony of Marcaster
      > Kingdom of Trimaris

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