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22627Re: Looking for Horseback Archers in Meridies

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  • Hilary Holding
    Apr 2 8:29 AM
      Hello fellow horseback archers,

      My name is Hilary and I reside in Trimaris. I grew up with horses and so
      am approaching HBA from a different direction. I am a competant rider
      but must hone my archery skills. It is an exciting sport and I am
      pleased to see interest in it grow. Our Kingdom also did a demo last
      year with Archers shooting from carriages. Everyone had a blast. There
      are a few other yahoo!groups that you may want to join.

      The first is the HorseArchery
      <http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/HorseArchery/> group. They
      "discuss both the historical aspects of horse archery and its practice
      in modern times, either as a recreation or just for fun !"

      This group is not specifically geared for SCAdians but rather on all
      aspects of HBA. There are SCA members on this list but also folks who
      compete mundanely.

      The second group is the MeridianCavalry
      <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MeridianCavalry/> . "It is the
      un-official Meridian Equestrian College mailing list. This list is an
      information clearing house for the College to keep members updated on
      events, practices, rules and changes, and general information."

      This group focuses on all aspects of equestrian activities of the middle
      ages including Heavy Mounted Combat and Jousting. The Kingdom Equestrian
      Officer is a member of this list and he will surely be able to help you
      contact equestrians in your Kingdom with similar interests.

      If you have anymore questions please ask, I'll do my best to answer


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