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22001Re: xbow target

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  • Frederick Fenters
    Jan 4, 2007
      I have had good success stopping arrows from my own 150# crossbows using the
      "Humongo" target face. It is a box about 3 foot square and about 8 inches
      thick with multiple layers of closed cell foam of varying densities. At 20
      yards, it stops my 24 inch crossbow arrows at about 12 inches or so. I have
      never had a complete blow-through. I have been using one of these for about
      5 years now. I finally had to retire one of the two that I own . . . Not
      because the foam had died so much as the cardboard shell finally gave up the
      ghost and by the time I had built a new shell to put the pieces into, they
      had been claimed by the neighborhood cats as a urinal. Yuck!

      The other good commercial face is called the Black Hole. It is
      unfortunately pretty expensive. Layers of some kind of foam, laid out so
      you shoot at them edge-on. The manufacturer claims it will withstand
      shooting with broadhead arrows for a LONG time.

      Padraig MacRaighne

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