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21992RE: [SCA-Archery] Re: xbow target

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  • Bill
    Jan 4, 2007
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      I would still back it with plywood, shorter arrows (bolts) and 150# could
      prove too strong for bow targets as your fps will put most compound bows to



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      My advice would be to go to a sporting goods store, and get a cheap
      bag-butt. I can usually find them for $20, and they are made to stop


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      "Rob Andersen" <rmcma@...> wrote:
      > Kris Kringle left a 150# xbow under the tree. How heavy a back
      stop would be
      > recommended. I don't want to wait until I move back to my acreage
      in May (
      > house was not completed before winter). I will be setting up an
      > range there but I want to start training now. Because we have a
      lot of snow
      > on the ground, I plan to start close so that all bolts can be
      found, then
      > back up as quickly as I can. 20 yards is about all that I will get
      > Would 4-6 inches of cardboard be enough
      > Skyper Anders

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