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21984Re: [SCA-Archery] Is this an archery butt?

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  • Fritz
    Jan 3 9:29 AM
      When Nest verch Tangwistel put fingers to keys it was 1/3/07 12:03 AM...

      > I am guessing it is not. The big metal bars holding it together would
      > make it very painful to shoot at. The symetry of it makes me guess
      > the other side also has the big metal bars. I am guessing at modern
      > art. I kind of looks like it is placed at the intersection of some
      > paths in a public park.

      I concur wholeheartedly.
      The base says, "This is officially sculpture."
      The bends in the uprights and in the cross pieces are pretty clearly
      more about aesthetics than function.
      The 'bolt heads' are not conventional.
      The fact that the original image was _huge_ also suggests that it is
      Art. Were it a butt, a much smaller image would suffice as a record.

      The artist was dealing with crystalizing basic plastic organic unity and
      that whole thing.

      Aut invenian viam aut faciam.
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