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21880Thanks for all the help (formerly: My first bow project)

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  • scajonassca
    Dec 1, 2006
      Seriously guys thanks. You all helped me a great deal with your
      advice and pointers. Please feel free to continue sending bits of
      your experience my way and don't hold back from other new members
      either. Some of the information you all gave me was new and very
      good. Some of it I already knew from my own research but it was very
      good for me to hear it from other people instead of just finding it
      on some single website with no one to back it up. Some of the
      information was detail oriented which helped as well, as many of the
      websites I've been to just give an overview of concepts. Again I
      appreciate it greatly.
      Here are a few good bow making articles I ran across in my own
      This is a great website for beginners and especially for those of us
      who live in apartments. In fact the site is titled "Bow building for
      poor people and apartment dwellers". It has a wealth of basic
      information on making bows for the first timer and a great section
      on tillering at the end of the two build along articles.
      This the second link is a great article on making a bow from Hickory
      and has a very informative section on builting a small lightbulb
      powered staff drying kiln made of little more than insulation, light
      source and meat thermometer.
      Lastly I want to ask you all another question. Is "white oak"
      even remotely appropriate for a bow wood? I would presume that if it
      is at all then it would have to be backed. I think I may have a
      source of raw hickory soon so consider the white oak question just
      for poops and gigles.
      Again everybody who responded, thank you, thank you, thank you.
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