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21810Re: wood arrows and compound bows

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  • Bob Lauderdale
    Nov 13, 2006
      If anything, on a pound-for-pound basis compound bows should be less
      stressful to wooden arrows than recurves or longbows. In a longbow,
      all of the bow's energy is imparted to the arrow in one pulse, while
      in a recurve the energy is imparted over a longer period as the two
      sets of curves release their energy sequentially. A wooden arrow
      from a recurve can therefore be a little less stiff than a longbow
      arrow and still be as accurate.

      Since a compound bow uses cams, the energy imparted is done in a
      smooth, continuous fashion over a longer period than a recurve, and
      therefore should show the same advantage over the recurve that the
      recurve has over the longbow.

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