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21597Re: From the Society Archery and Thrown Weapons Marshal

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  • Frederick Fenters
    Sep 29, 2006
      Good Master Gwilym, Warmest Greetings from Forester Padraig MacRaighne.

      Thank you for your service to our Society, for your wise counsel, and for
      the warmth of shared interest you shared with a brash young archer who (I
      hope) has matured into something of a leader within my own small corner of
      the Known World. We have shared ranges, swapped lie. uh, I mean notable
      true stories, and reinforced mutual passion for our sport.

      Mistress Lynette, if you are on this list, please accept my congratulations
      and my offer of service if you have need.

      In closing, I am,

      Forester Padraig MacRaighne,

      Pentamere Regional Archery Marshal

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