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21579From the Society Archery and Thrown Weapons Marshal

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  • Gwilym/Bill
    Sep 28, 2006
      Greetings all.

      re: Society Target and Thrown Weapons Marshal

      This is the "Official" notification of my retirement from this position
      within the SCA.
      As of October 1st the new society officer will be Mistress Lynette of
      Calontir. She was selected
      from several excellent candidates by the Society Earl Marshal to be my
      replacement and his

      I met Lynette several years ago where she was autocrat for the Archery
      activities. And
      since she has done a term in office as Archer General of Calontir. I
      found her to be
      a very knowledgeable archer and easy to work with. I'm sure you will
      find her to be
      a excellent replacement.

      Her email is <sam.lynette@...>

      Please make her welcome.

      I remain in service to the society,

      Master Baron Gwilym
      Society Archery Marshal, retired.
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