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21436Re: Into the fray

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  • Godwin FitzGilbert de Strigoil
    Sep 4, 2006
      Marcus offered,
      "Although there is room for arguement, I have the perspective that
      Archors are for Artillery (i.e. Raining Death) and Crossbowmen are
      more for direct fire (i.e. Sniping). Crossbow bolts tend to shoot
      straighter and penetrate better than arrows. So coming up with a motto that
      implies these Crossbow traits would be better suited in my mind."

      I would have to disagree in part here.

      There needs to be a motto that incorporates the main use of ranging
      weapons, of the small missle variety.

      The handbow is far from being relegated to "mortar fire", in the hands
      of someone trained to use it. I am concerned that there appears to be
      more and more people "poo-poo" the weapons true ability....but that is
      another topic. ;)

      For an archery coin, we need to look for incorporation, and not division.

      Jon, did you ask about language? I can't remember..... was the motto
      going to be in Latin?......
      or Welsh... ;)

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