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  • Kinjal of Moravia
    Sep 4, 2006
      Marcus offered,
      "Although there is room for arguement, I have the perspective that
      Archors are for Artillery (i.e. Raining Death) and Crossbowmen are
      more for
      direct fire (i.e. Sniping). Crossbow bolts tend to shoot
      straighter and
      penetrate better than arrows. So coming up with a motto that
      implies these
      Crossbow traits would be better suited in my mind."

      Aye, but you seem to only look at a limited view of England and
      Central Europe.
      The Mongolian Horseman defeated these archers using any device in
      both `sniping' and `artillery. Killing another riding horseman at
      200 yards is certainly `direct fire'; while using a second bow
      to `rain death' from distances of 400 yards and more could provide
      effecting `containment' and `delaying' support (guess that is
      artillery too). They did not use siege tactics until learned from
      Europeans, and then proved effective in using gleaned arrows of any
      length and strength.

      Thus, in considering `le difference' – a hand-bow can be proved more
      effective in both utilizations; plus it has versatility – while the
      crossbow is limited to specific bolts designed for it.

      For me, the key difference is TRAINING. It took a lifetime of
      crippling practice to excel with the longbow; but a `castle guard'
      with a crossbow could become proficient in weeks without destroying
      himself. In modern Germany, the machine pistol was developed in
      order to decrease training time rather than increase kill rate. A
      rifle marksman requires experience or training – while even a blind,
      one armed man can hit something with a sub-machine gun.

      and I, limited by disabilities may change to a crossbow – for love
      of sport, not because of some hierarchical perception. Either way I
      can't hit much.

      However, each weapon form and attendant style and skill should be
      secondary (within SCA) to the `heart of the archer' as opposed to
      the `close combat' alternatives. I believe that every effort with
      coins or any future projects should be designed to attract SCAdians
      to archery and to recognize prowess, and have fun. Anything that
      even appears as division or split purpose should be avoided. Get
      the Royals to the range to participate --- whether they use bow,
      crossbow, or throw rocks is secondary.

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