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21321Festival of the Rose, Aug 26 (long message)

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  • Al T.
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Forwarded from the Event Steward,
      This is an opportunity to make archery more visible.
      I'm going to try and be there, let's have a lot of
      archers show up.
      The Steward tells me that there is room to set up a
      small range if we bring our own backstops and safety
      Yours is service to Caid and archery...
      -Allan Bluehood-

      Unto the Company of Archers
      From Magistra Astra Christiana Benedict, Event Steward


      I am writing to invite you and your group or guild to
      participate in the Festival of the Rose in Lyondemere
      on August 26th.

      The Festival of the Rose is a celebration of the arts
      and sciences, held each reign in honor of the Queen.
      When Baroness Angelina and I decided to host the
      Festival of the Rose this summer in conjunction with
      the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Company
      of Clothiers, we decided to focus this Festival on the
      wonderful contributions of the many groups and guilds
      of the Kingdom, and the way that they enhance our
      re-creation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

      I would like you to look at this as an opportunity to:

      - Honor the Queen. Although Queen Kolfinna
      is most noted for Her skill and chivalry on the field
      of combat, She also has a lively interest in the arts,
      and is very supportive of our theme for this event.

      - Showcase the work of your group or guild,
      either collectively or through the work of individual

      - Create additional enthusiasm for the art
      or science that your group or guild supports.

      You do not need to be an officially chartered group or
      guild to participate. You may be just a group of
      people or household who get together to explore an
      art, science, culture or time period - that's fine.
      And there are several ways that you may participate:

      - Set up a booth or table to display the work
      of your group or guild (these could be group projects
      or individual projects by members of your group)

      - Demonstrate what you do and how you do it,
      either as part of your display or in actual

      - Provide the resources for the populace to
      try your art or science for themselves

      If you think that your group will be interested in
      participating, read on for a few more ideas and
      details on how your group can participate. I will do
      my best to accommodate your needs to create the best
      possible display for your group.

      This will also be two events in one. In the evening
      following the Festival of the Rose, the Company of
      Clothiers will be celebrating its 25th anniversary
      with the Silver Rose Ball. There will be good food,
      dancing to live music, and of course beautiful
      clothing. I promise you it will be an event worth
      staying for.


      When I look back at the 25 year history of the Company
      of Clothiers, I am warmed by the remembrance of how
      much I have gained from being a part of that group. I
      have been a student, and I have been a teacher. I
      have grown in the costuming and textile arts, and have
      been instrumental in helping others grow. I’d like to
      think that there are a lot more beautiful clothes in
      Caid because of the work of the Company of Clothiers.
      I still have the note that Angelina wrote to me after
      we first met, inviting me to attend the first meeting
      of a costuming group she was starting in Dreiburgen.
      To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart, “that was the start of
      a beautiful friendship.”

      If you feel the same way about your guild - and I
      suspect you do - please consider joining us in
      Lyondemere on August 26th and help make this a
      memorable day for the Queen and the Kingdom.

      If your group is interested in participating in the
      Festival of the Rose, please contact me.

      In service to the Crown and Kingdom of Caid,

      Magistra Astra Christiana Benedict,

      Event Steward and Principal of the Company of
      Clothiers of Caid

      Esther Benedict, 728 Erica Place, Oxnard, CA 93036,
      (805) 278-0135, astraben@...

      Information Regarding Displays and Demos for

      The Festival of the Rose and Silver Rose Ball

      August 26, 2006

      A Celebration of Caid’s Guilds


      - Calle Mayor Middle School, 4800 Calle
      Mayor, Torrance, California 90505.

      - This site has been used in the past for
      Collegium Caidis, and will be the site of the upcoming
      Lyondemere Anniversary.

      - Like all schools, this is a dry site.


      10:00 a.m. Local set-up

      10:30 a.m. Site opens, display set-up

      12:00 p.m. Demonstrations and performances begin

      4:00 p.m. Demonstrations and performances end

      4:30 p.m. Royal court

      5:30 p.m. Court ends; take down displays

      6:00 p.m. Set up for ball

      7:00 p.m. Silver Rose Ball begins

      11:00 p.m. Silver Rose Ball ends

      Information Regarding Displays

      - We will be using the cafeteria for
      performing groups and court, and for the Silver Rose
      Ball in the evening. We don’t anticipate having
      displays in there, as they would detract from the

      - We will be setting up tables in the breeze
      ways for the smaller displays.

      - We can set up booths in pavilions in the
      grassy area between the rows of class room buildings.
      (We recommend E-Z Up type pavilions, to be kind to the
      school’s sprinkler system.)

      - We can use the athletic field for really
      big demonstrations (CRAC comes to mind …)

      - We can swing a few classrooms, if
      necessary, for anything the absolutely has to be
      indoors (but we’d like to keep things out of doors as
      much as possible, to contribute to the fair

      - We can provide some tables and E-Z ups for
      groups to use, but if you can provide your own, that
      would be great.

      - We want to work with you – if you need
      access to power, water, whatever, please ask. If
      there is a way to accommodate your group within the
      bounds of safety and legality, we’ll do it.

      - When planning your display, please include
      a way to identify your group with a sign, banner or
      what have you.

      - Please contact the Event Steward to discuss
      what your needs are to create the perfect display or
      demo for your group.

      - Please do not just show up on the day with
      your display! We’ll be planning things out in
      advance, and if you just show up, we may not be able
      to accommodate you.

      Information Regarding Performances and Demos

      - We will be using the cafeteria for
      performing groups and court, and for the Silver Rose
      Ball in the evening.

      - There will be a time limit on performances
      and demos in the hall. The actually time limit will
      depend on the number of groups we have, but we’re
      figuring 10 minutes maximum for each group. Remember
      that Her Majesty will also need time to see the
      displays and demos that can’t be done in the hall.

      - We will have a Mistress of Ceremonies, with
      a gong and a hook if necessary, to keep things moving.

      - We will let you know before the event when
      you are scheduled to perform, and will do our best to
      keep to the schedule (let us know if your group has a
      preference as to when it performs).

      - Don’t perform just once! You can also
      perform in the outside areas where the displays will


      - The Best Display or Demo by a free-standing

      - The Best Group Display or Demo by the
      guilds of a territorial area

      - The Best Performance by a performing group
      or company


      - Since shopping isn’t the focus of this
      event (it’s more on “doing”), we’re not going to have
      a merchant area, however:

      - You are welcome to sell items made by your
      group, guild or its members;

      - You are welcome to sell supply items needed
      for your art or craft, as part of your demo/display

      Food at the Event

      - The site fee includes a simple box lunch.

      - This doesn’t mean we don’t want cooking
      guilds to participate with free samples or bake sales,
      just that we don’t want people to have to go off site
      to get lunch.

      - There will be substantial refreshments at
      the Silver Rose Ball (we don’t want you to leave for
      dinner, either).

      Have a Ball!

      - Please consider staying for the Silver Rose
      Ball, where the Company of Clothiers will celebrate 25
      years as the “oldest established permanent floating
      sewing circle in Caid!”

      - We have the all G’s dance master team:
      Messr’s Gaius, Giuseppe and Giles (they’ll teach the

      - Mistress Finella and the Phoenix Consort
      will provide live music.

      - As mentioned above, we’ll have substantial

      - As is traditional, we will have Company of
      Clothiers hall costume badges, as well as a contest
      for the Best Costume or Mask incorporating our theme
      of silver roses.

      Site fees:

      - For the Festival of the Rose only: $7.00
      for members, $10.00 for non-members;

      - For the Silver Rose Ball only: $12.00 for
      members, $15.00 for non-members;

      - For Both Events: if you’re paying in
      advance, the fee will be $15.00 for members, $18.00
      for non-members; at the door, full fee for both events
      will apply

      - Children under 12 will be half price.
      There will be a maximum fee for SCA families (two
      adults and children under 18 with family memberships)
      of $20.00 per family for the Festival or the Ball,
      $40.00 for both.

      - Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc./Barony of


      - From the 110 Freeway Southbound: Exit at
      Sepulveda Blvd., turn right for approximately 4.2
      miles, turn left on Anza Ave. for 0.6 miles, turn
      right on Calle Mayor. The school is on the left. If
      you get to Pacific Coast Highway, you’ve gone too far.

      - From the 405 Freeway Northbound: Take the
      CA 91/Artesia Blvd. towards Redondo Beach for 0.2
      miles, turn right on CA 91 W/Artesia Blvd. for 0.6
      miles, turn left on Hawthorne Blvd. for 3.2 miles,
      turn right on Sepulveda Blvd. for 0.4 miles, turn left
      on Anza Ave. for 0.6 miles, turn right on Calle Mayor.
      The school is on the left. If you get to Pacific
      Coast Highway, you’ve gone too far.

      - From the 91 Freeway Westbound: Take the 405
      North towards Santa Monica for 5.1 miles, take the CA
      91/Artesia Blvd. towards Redondo Beach for 0.2 miles,
      turn right on CA 91 W/Artesia Blvd. for 0.6 miles,
      follow the Northbound directions.

      Event Steward:

      - Magistra Astra Christiana Benedict, Esther
      Benedict, 728 Erica Place, Oxnard, CA 93036, (805)
      278-0135, astraben@....

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