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21320Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: New Interest in Archery

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  • Bruce R. Gordon
    Jul 31, 2006
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      Ok, Ft. Smith, Arkansas. You should contact your Kingdom Live-Weapons marshal, Peregrine Fairchilde, for specific info on X-bow regs - he's fairly local to you, lives in the Little Rock area, a very close friend of mine, wrote the manual for Meridies/Gleann Abhainn and, unusual by Gleann Abhainn standards, owns a crossbow of his own.

      In general, crossbows in the SCA must be reasonably period in appearance (i.e. no open-frame stocks, no forward sites, no pulleys and cams, etc.). Beyond that, you have fairly wide latitude -- you are allowed rear sites, two or three-fletch bolts, prods made of modern materials, rifle stocks, and a wide variety of cocking systems. The standard Mediaeval light-poundage crossbow was a wooden tiller of fair heft, with a prod-and-string cocked (usually) by a rolling nut locked in place with a long metal bar or rod underneath - it's a type you see quite frequently on SCA ranges. Obviously, the closer to period norms you can get, the better off you will be. Again, check your archery manual or ask marshals for particular details, since they can vary a bit from overall SCA norms.

      As regards pistol grips, if by that term you mean the hand grip appearing behind triggers on rifle-style stocks, no problem in general. If, however, you are referring to pistol X-bows - i.e. small X-bows held in a single hand and fired like a pistol, you may have difficulties - I believe these are outlawed widely in the SCA (in fact, in certain areas, Canada is an example, they are outlawed mundanely as well).


      Shire of Smythkepe is located in the Kingdom of Gleann AbhannT.
      > My son is 17 and will be 18 in March.
      > Is there a certain type of crossbow that is allowed? Are pistol grip
      > cross bows allowed?
      > Thank you,
      > Aveline Frazer

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