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21223RE: [SCA-Archery] coins-1st strike

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  • Domingos de Leon
    Jul 3 9:13 PM
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      I will be more then happy with 4 coins to begin with. I too feel the cost
      should be at least $1.00 per coin but will give what you ask. Looking
      forward to seeing these first hand. Is there a particular address we can
      send the funds to?

      Domingos de Leon

      Kingdom of Meridies

      Shire of Arenal


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      Subject: [SCA-Archery] coins-1st strike

      The monyer's guild made the first strike of the archery coins.
      However, they were only able to strike 250 of them. This unfortunately
      means that most of you will not be able to have as many coins as you
      wanted this time. And for that, I am most sorry and offer my
      apologies. The 250 coins divided by 55 people would be only 4.5 each
      maximum. So, I will have to make it only 4 coins per person, at 25
      cents per coin plus postage and an envelope, for this strike. At
      least everyone will be able to see how the coins look.

      The guild master says that they will have a meeting this Friday and he
      will be able, after that, to let me know when they can do the next
      strike and how many they can strike. This time I should be near the
      top of the list for striking and should be able to get a much larger
      number of coins. I have told him that many of you need the coins for
      upcoming events and he is going to try to get them made as soon as
      possible. I should be able to post the information by early next week.

      That was the fairly good news. Now for the somewhat bad news. The
      guild has raised the price on all their future strikes from 25 to 50
      cents each. So, all future archery coins that the guild makes for me
      will cost me 50 cents each. If the next strike should be large, maybe
      1000 coins, I will have to come up with the 500 dollars to cover the
      striking. I was able to manage the 25 cents, but am not sure how I can
      manage the 50 cents for large strikes. I had intended to make the
      coins available as inexpensively as possible and did not expect the
      price to me to double. So ...... as much as I do not like having to
      do this, I am going to have to ask for payment in advance of me
      actually having the coins on hand. I can not guarantee just when and
      how many coins the guild will strike for me at each strike. Therefore
      I will not be accepting money from you for future strikes until the
      guild has given me a projected date and number for each strike. I have
      taken all the email requesting coins and made a hard copy file of them
      and will attempt to fill these existing requests first and in order of
      receipt, from future strikings.

      Since this has now doubled the cost of future coins, some of you may no
      longer want them or may want fewer of them. Please feel free to cancel
      or reduce your original request.

      Now, on top of this ...... I would like to add a small charge per coin
      to build up funds for future making of dies for new coins, such as the
      Saint George/Crossbowman coin, and to be able to sometimes order some
      additional coins to have on hand if someone needs to have some for a
      special presentation and can not wait for the next strike. Would 10
      cents per coin be considered too much?

      Again, my apologies for what I had intended to be a simple project to
      commemorate the Fortieth anniversary of SCA target archery turning
      somewhat more complicated and more expensive.


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