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21221Re: [SCA-Archery] coins-1st strike

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  • jotl@ridgecrest.ca.us
    Jul 3, 2006
      Sir Jon,

      I think you should charge US$1.00 per coin to make things simple.
      Hopefully, the "extra" 40 cents will take care of "shipping and handling"
      and still leave you a bit to add to your coining kitty (above the dime you

      Any additional accumulation could go to coin donations to the Crown or whatever.


      At 11:58 AM 7/3/06 -0700, John edgerton wrote:
      >The monyer's guild made the first strike of the archery coins.
      >However, they were only able to strike 250 of them. This unfortunately
      >means that most of you will not be able to have as many coins as you
      >wanted this time. And for that, I am most sorry and offer my
      >apologies. The 250 coins divided by 55 people would be only 4.5 each
      >maximum. So, I will have to make it only 4 coins per person, at 25
      >cents per coin plus postage and an envelope, for this strike. At
      >least everyone will be able to see how the coins look.
      >The guild master says that they will have a meeting this Friday and he
      >will be able, after that, to let me know when they can do the next
      >strike and how many they can strike. This time I should be near the
      >top of the list for striking and should be able to get a much larger
      >number of coins. I have told him that many of you need the coins for
      >upcoming events and he is going to try to get them made as soon as
      >possible. I should be able to post the information by early next week.
      >That was the fairly good news. Now for the somewhat bad news. The
      >guild has raised the price on all their future strikes from 25 to 50
      >cents each. So, all future archery coins that the guild makes for me
      >will cost me 50 cents each. If the next strike should be large, maybe
      >1000 coins, I will have to come up with the 500 dollars to cover the
      >striking. I was able to manage the 25 cents, but am not sure how I can
      >manage the 50 cents for large strikes. I had intended to make the
      >coins available as inexpensively as possible and did not expect the
      >price to me to double. So ...... as much as I do not like having to
      >do this, I am going to have to ask for payment in advance of me
      >actually having the coins on hand. I can not guarantee just when and
      >how many coins the guild will strike for me at each strike. Therefore
      >I will not be accepting money from you for future strikes until the
      >guild has given me a projected date and number for each strike. I have
      >taken all the email requesting coins and made a hard copy file of them
      >and will attempt to fill these existing requests first and in order of
      >receipt, from future strikings.
      >Since this has now doubled the cost of future coins, some of you may no
      >longer want them or may want fewer of them. Please feel free to cancel
      >or reduce your original request.
      >Now, on top of this ...... I would like to add a small charge per coin
      >to build up funds for future making of dies for new coins, such as the
      >Saint George/Crossbowman coin, and to be able to sometimes order some
      >additional coins to have on hand if someone needs to have some for a
      >special presentation and can not wait for the next strike. Would 10
      >cents per coin be considered too much?
      >Again, my apologies for what I had intended to be a simple project to
      >commemorate the Fortieth anniversary of SCA target archery turning
      >somewhat more complicated and more expensive.
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