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21219Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Long arrows

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  • jotl@ridgecrest.ca.us
    Jul 3, 2006
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      At 3:29 PM 7/3/06 +0000, Godwin fitzGilbert de Strigoil wrote:

      >However when shooting bows with varying degrees of archers paradox
      >(longbows, magyars-type, some flatbows- etc...) you must also consider
      >the relationship of limb tip speed-to-physical weight (mass) of the
      >arrow. Plus the fact that spine weight becomes much more critical.
      >Then throw in FOC balance point, and also what you are *really*
      >shooting as a spine weight for your arrow. I guarantee that what you
      >spined your arrow at 'before' you started building it, is not what you
      >are actually shooting. Doesn't mean that the spine weight
      >'pre-assembly' is wrong.
      >Of course don't forget the other thing that modifies the spine weight
      >of the arrow: point weight. Heavier points virtually decrease the
      >spine weight, lighter ones virtually increase.
      >Handshock can come from different areas, the big two IMHO:
      >1. Mismatch on arrow mass and limb tip speed.
      >2. Bow limbs mismatched in final tiller.

      Which is why you usually give it your best shot, then tune the arrow to the
      bow by shooting them and observing the results. It certainly helps to have
      an experienced archer stand behind and observe.

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