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21210Re: [SCA-Archery] Long arrows

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  • Carl West
    Jul 2 9:18 PM
      Rj Bachner wrote:

      > Yeah the dowel route takes time for sure, I would not worrry so much about
      > straightness as nice straight clean grain.all the rest can be fixed.

      In _general_ if the dowel is straight in the hardware store, it likely
      has continuous grain. Or maybe more accurately, If a dowel isn't
      straight in the store, the chances of it having continuous grain are
      slim. Straightness a reasonable first test. _Then_ check the grain.

      > As for the bow, 36 inches is very long for a draw, so the longer bow must
      > have a lot of handshock.

      I'm curious, why would a longer bow necessarily result in handshock?
      If it's well tillered and the arrows are heavy enough for the bows
      strength and speed, it could be really sweet and smooth.

      >> I don't think footing is gonna be a good idea really, the added weight of
      >> those longer shafts will slow down the arrows as is the footing will be
      >> worse.

      The man is drawing _eight_ inches more than average, I expect the
      additional powerstroke will make up for the added weight quite admirably.

      The shafts could be footed with something light, it doesn't _have_ to be
      a dense hardwood if you're footing for length instead of durability or
      balance or style.

      I've long believed that it more important that the arrows leave the bow
      consistently than quickly.

      - Fritz
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