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21206RE: [SCA-Archery] Long arrows

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  • Jeffrey Webb
    Jul 2 4:56 PM
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      I haven't purchased from them in a while, but the folks at Allegheny Mountain Arrow Woods told me at the Trad Rendevous a few years back that they would make up shafts in 36" lengths on special order.(Back when I was making arrows for other people, I had a customer that was 6'6" tall and had a 35" draw)
      You might give them a call (if they're still in business).

      check out the Eastwinds Tribal Drumming web-page at:


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      From: Sheri Rees
      Sent: Sunday, July 2, 2006 12:37 PM
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      All good ideas Ragi,

      I have tried sorting through the dowels at the store. 2 main
      problems - I've never found more than 6-8 straightish ones at a time
      and I have a 2yr old who quickly gets bored with this game.

      I haven't tried making my own - not sure I have the correct tools and
      again that 2 yr old who gets bored. Are the instructions on your DIY
      pages? Or please send them to me - I'll give it a try. The added
      weight from footing may be acceptable if that's all I can find. Some
      of these may become hunting arrows - if he determines that he can hit
      the target accurately enough.

      I made the bow to be 58 lb at 36". His big problem with other bows
      is that by the time he pulls them back to his full draw length they
      stack horribly and pinch his fingers. And shooting a 80+ pound bow
      when you're first starting is not exactly conducive to learning. So
      I made one as tall as him (80 inch) with a modest poundage at his
      range (equates to something like 32 lb at 28").


      At 11:25 AM 7/1/2006, you wrote:
      >Well most suppliers of arrow shafts deal in 32 inches as a max, if you find
      >someone who cuts their own shafting then they can make you arrows any length
      >you need. I can also explain how to make your own shafts if you wish, they
      >can be done by hand and if you can make a longbow of yew then you can make
      >your own arrows.
      >I don't think footing is gonna be a good idea really, the added weight of
      >those longer shafts will slow down the arrows as is the footing will be
      >You might consider going to a hardware store and collecting 4 foot dowels in
      >the spine and weight you need, if you don't know how find someone who has a
      >spine jig and a grain scale to select out the arrows you need.
      >What draw weight is the bow at his draw length anyways?

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