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21192RE: [SCA-Archery] Long arrows

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  • Rj Bachner
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Well most suppliers of arrow shafts deal in 32 inches as a max, if you find
      someone who cuts their own shafting then they can make you arrows any length
      you need. I can also explain how to make your own shafts if you wish, they
      can be done by hand and if you can make a longbow of yew then you can make
      your own arrows.

      I don't think footing is gonna be a good idea really, the added weight of
      those longer shafts will slow down the arrows as is the footing will be

      You might consider going to a hardware store and collecting 4 foot dowels in
      the spine and weight you need, if you don't know how find someone who has a
      spine jig and a grain scale to select out the arrows you need.

      What draw weight is the bow at his draw length anyways?


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      Hi all,

      I know some of you run 'archery shops' and others just have some good
      info on what's out there.

      Does anyone know where I can get long shafting for arrows? Either
      cedar, hardwood, bamboo, or footed shafts? My hubby has a ridiculous
      36" draw length and I made him a yew longbow at that draw.

      Thanks much

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