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20419Archery Championship

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  • Cian of Storvik
    May 12, 2006
      Wow! What a tulmult that was started!
      I was imagining a large event where people were already going to be in
      attendance. (read local Kingdom competition or Pennsic or Estrella),
      Some events already gather many of the knowne world Scadians. I know
      that Pennsic holds "champions" shoots for a war point, but isn't this
      a team effort (of say a dozen archers)? Is there any attempt at having
      a non-war-point, free-for-all top champion competition at Pennsic?
      I have not had the finances since joining the SCA to attend a Pennsic,
      but I read every article on Pennsic with relish (and sometimes
      mustard!), and have never heard of top archer awards.
      If there is such a thing, who's been winning it?
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