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20261Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: Rejuvinating a saunder's mat

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  • Brad Boda d'Aylward
    May 10, 2006
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      You can use the expanding foam which can be found in the local hardware
      stores. It's an insulation foam which home construction uses to fill in
      voids in wall insulation. The feeder straw will insert the foam deep into
      the saunders' mat and the foam expands to three or four times its' size
      coming out of the straw feeder tube. This means that your withdraw of the
      feeder straw should be smooth and fairly quick. Not fast but don't linger or
      the foam will simply explode the center of the mat. Push the feeder straw
      90% of the way through the mat and smoothly draw it back through as you
      spray the can. Wait for a couple of minutes to see how much the faom has
      expanded and increase or decrease your speed withdrawing the feed straw
      accordingly. Insert the feeder tube in a grid with the holes about 1 1/2
      inches apart. You might use a nail to clear a hole through the mat for the
      feed straw.

      It's gonna really look *ugly* when you are finished. The foam bulges the
      center of the target outwards and spreads the remaining grass fibers apart
      as it expands. Really---it looks truely ugly when you're finished. To make
      it look more presentable, shave the face with a serrated knife to flatten it
      out. Leave the back looking ugly to give more depth to the foam.

      This will give you one (1)(uno)(single) extended season with the target.
      This expanding foam is a loose foam which will, after awhile, begin to
      disintigrate again in the center. Eventually the center will become shot
      out. We didn't bother with a second application of foam because the rest of
      the mat had fallen apart by that time and I saw that it would be much more
      difficult to try the feeder straw through the wrecked foam center than it
      was through loose straw as in the beginning.

      Have fun shooting.


      Subject: [SCA-Archery] Re: Rejuvinating a saunder's mat

      >I'm not a big fan of ethelfoam. It's lightweight, has stopping power
      >beyond it's depth, and has greater longevity then the saunders grass
      >matts, but I hate the way that you have to wrestle with them to get
      >your arrows out.
      >We tend to spend more time pulling arrows out then we do shooting. I
      >was thinking of cutting open the mat and re-packing the grass.
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