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2024Fiberglass in the period division

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  • Genvieve d'Argent Chene
    May 1, 2000
      I have been following this thread, and with being presented with so many educated and well thought-out responses, I feel that what I have to say will probably sound a little lame.

      As a former NPC (non-: fighter, archer, equestrian), I feel that an introduction to what is customary is a good thing. I didn't do well in crowd situations, and it took me ages to finally get comfortable enough with protocol to even attend court. Now you can't keep me quiet. I love the people in my Shire and I think that most of them will agree when I tell you what I read in a post not too long ago.... Who is more correct? The Knight wearing doe-skin breeches, in full plate? Or the newbie in jeans and borrowed Kydex? They both are as long as they follow the dream!!

      This applies, in my opinion, to "period" archery. As long as you can't see that it is fiberglass, what does it REALLY matter? I own a Yumi (Mongolian horseman's) bow and I know that is not the type of item the general populace would want to spend that kind of money on. I fully expect and welcome some one with a wood/laminate/fiberglass bow to shoot next to me. And if there is enough call for "completely" authentic-only list, then there should be one.

      We are here to have FUN after... Aren't we?

      Sorry to be so long-winded, I just felt I needed to get that off of my chest. :}

      In service to Meridies, her Crown, and Populace,

      Genvieve d'Argent Chene (House Silver Oak) Owl's Nest, Meridies

      mka Judith Hudson Marietta, Ga.

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