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20138Re: [SCA-Archery] Consistent sighting

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  • Nest verch Tangwistel
    May 4, 2006
      I don't use bow marks on my recurve, nor did I use them on my ELB. As someone mentioned they do have marks of their own, but I don't actively use them. At 20 and 30 I usually use the tip of the arrow at the ground in front of the target. At 40 the tip of the arrow is directly next to the target. Then I switch to gap aiming for the further distances. 50 my knuckle is just below the target. At 60 and beyond the target is behind my hand or arm, but using both eyes I can see it andmy hand. The hardest I have is around 100 yards. the target is behind my forearm just about where one of the clips on my armguard is. That of course assumes my armguard is sitting at the same place every time. 45 degrees for the really long shots is behind my biceps. At the other extreme below 20 yards I tend to shoot instinctively, and short draw the bow. This is not entirely on purpose though.


      "James W. Pratt, Jr." <cunning@...> wrote:
      I use one finger over tow under. I have marks for 20-30 and 40 yards on my
      recurve. I have not marked my longbow. For 100yards or more I use under the
      hand to aim seems to work for all but my 50lb recurve. For 50-60-70 I use
      the tip of the arrow at foot of the target-top of the target and nuckle(sp)
      on the target. At 80-90 I am screwed the target is behind my hand.

      James Cunningham

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