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20123Re: Consistent sighting

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  • Cian of Storvik
    May 3, 2006
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      I had tried using hash marks on a piece of tape on my ELB to mark the
      40 yd. But had very poor results (They say you really need to stick
      with it for a duration though before you will see any acclimation to a
      new technique). I had much better results by closing one eye and using
      an imaginary sight point that the arrow point was sitting over upon
      release (like recurve users do). In fact, my 40 was better then my
      30's while doing this.

      At 20 and 30, I shoot completely instinctively, but my highest rr last
      year was like a 61. This year, I have been shooting totally
      instinctively, but I haven't shot a legal royal round in about 6
      months. (I'm marshalling, and the one holding the stop watch, and
      making sure people don't shoot themselves).

      (Sigh) Such is the sacrifice we make for the safety of newbies.
      -Cian of Storvik
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