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  • THL Cain Saethydd
    May 2 11:15 PM

      I have a friend with an Inuit Whalebone bow (baleen, I think) for
      sale, I believe with documentation from the 1860's on this bow. It is
      in remarkable condition. I don't like hawking on the lists, but you
      sound like a collector who may be interested.

      Cain, Atenveldt
      Robert Bower, Phx, AZ

      Perchance, do you own of the controversial Penobscott (sp) Bows? It
      was reputed to be used by the indians of the same name in the
      northeast, from the time period you like. Rather ingenious design. I
      have always wanted to try one...


      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, "Ken" <kemarchgps@...> wrote:
      > This is my first post. Not an SCA member since my archery tastes run to
      > primitive American Indian 1750-1890s. I collect weapons of all varities
      > and needed one for the collection so just purchased a crossbow on Ebay
      > not sure if it is a wall hanger or functional. It has no string. Price
      > was right even if it is a wall hanger. I know nothing about crossbows
      > would like to communicate with someone that could help when I get it.
      > Could send photos snail mail for a possible id. It was listed as a
      > vintage crossbow, seller had no clue about it. If any one saw it on
      > Ebay they might be a help id it. Need any help that you folks can give.
      > Thanks
      > Ken
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