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20073Society of Archer Antiquaries

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  • John edgerton
    Apr 28, 2006
      This is a most worthwhile organization with an excellent annual journal
      on archery. I highly recommend it for any archer that is interested in
      the history of archery.

      Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf

      Its Origin - Its
      Objects - Membership

      In 1954, the idea of a society of archers interested in the history of
      archery was suggested by W.E. Tucker of Colchester, England in the
      "British Archer" magazine. In 1956, the Society was founded; a draft
      constitution was produced, and it was agreed to publish a journal

      Membership now numbers in the hundreds with world wide contacts. The
      Journal which started as a duplicated transcript, has become a well
      printed annual issue containing articles on historical archery as it
      has been
      practiced throughout the world. A permanent headquarters has been
      established with the Royal Toxophilite Society at Archer's Lodge,
      Burnham, Buckinghamshire, where a display room is maintained with
      archery equipment from many parts of the world.

      Having been previously granted the status of a learned society by
      virtue of the quality of its researches and other work, the Society was
      registered as a charity in 1968. This confers certain financial
      advantages, as well as an obligation to assist and advise those who may
      have need of the help the Society can offer.

      The aim of the Society is to further the study of the bow and arrow
      and its development in all parts of the world from prehistoric times to
      the present, and also to study matters relating to the history of
      archery in general. All paid members receive our Journal which is
      published at the end of each membership year, and also occasional
      newsletters and related notices. In England, visits are occasionally
      arranged to places of interest, which have included the British Museum,
      the Tower of London Armouries and the Manchester Museum, where members
      have had the opportunity to examine many items that are not normally
      displayed. Each year a shoot has been held on the grounds of the Royal
      Toxophilite Society, usually in early August, where the main object is
      to demonstrate and encourage the study of equipment and techniques from
      other parts of the world.

      Membership, which includes several leading museums and university
      libraries, is open to all persons interested. Subscription rates are
      determined as necessity requires at the Annual General Membership
      Meeting normally held in March of each year. Due to the constant
      fluctuation in monetary exchange rates, the U.S. subscription rate may
      vary, but at present it is fixed at $35.00, payable to the U.S.
      Representative whose address appears below. Additional enquiries may
      be addressed to the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Douglas Elmy, 61 Lambert Road,
      Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

      The following site has a few of the many excellent articles found in
      the Journal over the last few years.

      Observations on the returning arrow
      Steel bows from India
      Archery and Mathematical Modeling
      Oriental Hinged and Take-apart Bows
      On the Mechanics of some Replica Bows
      The Medieval English Longbow
      Ballistic Properties in Ancient Egyptian Arrows
      Turkish Flight Arrows
      Whistling arrows
      The Decline of the Longbow
      Ancient Composite bows
      Some Speculations on the nature of Long bowstrings
      Further Speculations on the nature of Long bowstrings.

      Articles from the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries

      "The Compound Bow"
      Twenty-five years after Allen's patent of December 1969. The history
      of the development of the well known bow and a little more.
      Observations on the returning arrow
      This works, Marcelo tried it himself!

      "Steel bows from India"
      High tech from a long time ago.
      Archery and Mathematical Modelling
      Enough to keep you busy for a while! Covers the modelling of recurve

      "Oriental Hinged and Take-apart Bows"
      And you thought the recurve take-down bow was modern?
      On the Mechanics of some Replica Bows
      A further investigation on the modelling of bows.

      "The Medieval English Longbow"
      Characteristics and origin. An article about the early longbows and how
      they came to England.
      Ballistic Properties in Ancient Egyptian Arrows
      A piece on arrow spine by a non-engineer

      "Turkish Flight Arrows"
      The arrows the Turks used to achieve incredible long distance shots
      Whistling arrows
      The history of the noise making arrow.

      "The Decline of the Longbow"
      The downfall of the English longbow.
      Ancient Composite bows
      An article about an Assyrian bow found in Egypt.

      "Some Speculations on the nature of Longbowstrings"
      What were old strings made of?
      Further Speculations on the nature of Longbowstrings.
      Some additional notes about longbowstrings

      "North American Sioux Indian Archery"
      About the bows of Native Americans.

      Recent articles in the Journal

      The bow in the British Army
      Notes on the Crossbow Spanning Bench
      Archery Release Aids: evolution & revolution
      Some Notes on Antique Archery Arm-Guards
      The Crossbow & the Law from the Dark Ages to the Present
      Chu-Ko-Nu: the Manchurian Repeating Crossbow
      Archery in Scotland
      Bows used by the Huns
      The Archer�s Tassel
      Archery in Early Medieval Scotland
      Notes on Cranequin Making in the late 15th Century
      The Bow in Poland
      Some Thoughts on �Nestroque�
      Military Archery & the Inventory of King Henry VIII
      Some notes upon Archer References in the Ballads of Robin Hood
      Japanese Archery & Archers
      Turkish Bows, Arrows & Quivers
      Crossbow-making in Venice during the 13th Century
      A bow from an Egyptian tomb
      Islamic bow decoration
      Heron�s Cheiroballistra (A Roman Torsion Crossbow)
      Early Etruscan Archery
      Early Archer Rings

      The SAA now has a web site at www.societyofarcher-antiquaries.org
      The web site now has a forum for members where you can discuss archery
      and get replies from other members and experts.

      By later this year the SAA should have all their back issues of the
      Journal on CD which will be available to members.

      The next copy of the Journal will be coming out at the end of the year.
      There is also a newsletter that comes out three times a year. Send
      your check for $35.00 to the US representative listed below.

      Norman A. Graham
      American Representative
      800 E. Sherwood Rd.
      Williamston, MI 48895
      (517) 655-4755
      e-mail: grahamn@...

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