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  • Egil Haraldsson
    Apr 2, 2006
      Well said and thank you. As I have stated, being new, I am learning
      and one thing I try not to do is jump on the soap box and yell foul.
      Your words of wisdom have made me concider those of my own and I
      pray they were met with the understanding of one under the tutelage
      of those whom have stood the test of time. I hope that as
      discussions move forward on this list, as in any list they will, and
      within our brother/sisterhood of archers, equal energy is enparted
      into the teaching of those skills needed to use any of the variety
      of bow used within the SCA.

      Aim true, shoot well!

      --- In SCA-Archery@yahoogroups.com, Siegfried <SiegfriedFaust@...>
      > Well, and that makes the conversation go full circle, as it brings
      > part of the heart of this discussion. There will always be people
      > within a division/classification, that will not like some
      > that someone is using, which they aren't using.
      > Break into crossbows/handbows, and you will have the
      > argument. Break those apart and you will have EnglishLongbow
      > complaining about the modern Longbows, and you will have Period
      > Bow people complaining about Olympic Recurves. Break them
      > and you will still have issues.
      > Heck, in the above break you will have crossbows fighting it out
      > between standing/sitting, Uber-fast-low-poundage-self-resetting-nut
      > vs. high-poundage-slow-span ones. etc.
      > In the end, it comes down to this:
      > *) Go out there and shoot what equipment you would like to shoot,
      > enjoy doing that. If you are upset that you aren't winning, then
      > You aren't having fun, (B) Obviously winning is more important to
      > than the current bow that you are shooting. Switch to a bow that
      > 'think' has a better advantage, since that is what is important to
      > you.
      > *) Designers of shoots should include long range, short range,
      > untimed, known distance, unknown distance, wierd position, moving,
      > shot, multiple shots, killzones, etc. A mix of all of those. If
      > mixed well, then it creates an even (enough) playing field between
      > the different bow choices. Yes, every competition will end up
      > favoring one type or another, but such is life.
      > Also, just for reference, (and I'm a crossbowman who also shoots
      > longbow & recurve) ...
      > I have been at shoots that were designed so that it was physically
      > impossible for the crossbows to win. (Ask me privately if you
      want to
      > hear details).
      > Also for reference, do take a look at what people have noted about
      > 'highest scoring archers'.
      > In the Winter Challenge, the highest are Recurve shooters. In the
      > Royal Rounds, the HIGHEST is a Recurve, and if you look in most
      > Kingdoms the distrabution of crossbows/handbows is around 50/50 in
      > top spots.
      > As another point of interest, Look at Atlantia's Kingdom Archery
      > Tourney. It's happened for 10 years running now, and always
      > a large mix of targets, as described above. The 'finals' are a
      set a
      > head-to-head competitions ... single elimination ... in a shoot
      > involves both accuracy and speed. (Who is first to hit a number of
      > scattered targets).
      > Currently the record stands as 7 handbow winners, and 3 crossbow
      > winners. Including one gentle who has won it both with handbow and
      > crossbow.
      > Siegfried
      > On 4/2/06, loreleiElkins@... <loreleiElkins@...> wrote:
      > > easier solution is to let the crossbows and handbows shoot side
      by side,
      > > but simply tabulate the scores separately and provide two
      prizes, one for
      > > each category. This makes the contest entirely fair regardless
      whether or
      > > not a speed round is included.
      > >
      > > Do you mean a separate category for long, recurve, and crossbow
      with a prize
      > > for each or just crossbows all other handbows?
      > --
      > THL Siegfried Sebastian Faust - http://crossbows.biz/
      > Barony of Highland Foorde - Baronial Archery Marshal
      > Kingdom of Atlantia - Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Target
      > http://eliw.com/ - http://archery.atlantia.sca.org/
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