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  • Egil Haraldsson
    Apr 1, 2006
      As I am new to the world of target archery and GW was basically my
      first event in which I was able to shoot with other archers, both
      bow and crossbow, I found it interesting that many of the "prize
      shoots" were won by crossbowmen. Given the conversation of
      using "modern equipment in a traditional shoot one has to ask
      themselves where do we draw the line of technology in a traditiion

      Now I will admit the long bow I purchased was not a "stick bow"
      but as I am learning one of the reflex/deflex type. Still in the
      traditional sense I used instinctive aiming. Only the point of the
      arrow and the target for finding the point of release. It just
      seemed to me, the newbee, that the crossbowman had the upper hand in
      the shoots. Perigrine did have one shoot in which there were no
      crossbows allowed and one for the crossbow only.

      I guess what I am asking is this, is there a advantage in shoots
      in which the crossbow is allowed verses the stick/recurve?? One
      thing I did notice was the the crossbowman was able to take more
      time in aiming, no string to hold back thus the arm does not get
      tired over the long term such as in a RR. This alone to the newbee
      is a huge advantage.

      Again this is from a newbees eyes and in the long term my vision
      may change. Thank you for the discussion and for exchanging your
      knowledge of this fine art. Happy shooting!

      True Heart, True Aim,
      Your in Service,
      Egil Haraldsson
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