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19898Re: [SCA-Archery] Re: new string

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  • Carl West
    Mar 31 10:50 PM
      James W. Pratt, Jr. wrote:
      > It is not the length of the power stroke that effects paradox but the weight
      > put on the arrow at release. If more weight is put on the arrow at release
      > it bends more, no matter the lenght of the stroke.
      > James Cunningham
      > Are you sure Carolus? All things being equal the shorter powerstroke would
      > make the effective spine seem heavier not weaker. No?
      > Shorter powerstroke means less force applied means the shaft bends less
      > means the effective spine of the arrow becomes stiffer.
      > Longer power stroke means more force applied means the shaft bends more
      > means the effective spine of the arrows becomes weaker?
      > Or do I have that backwards?
      > Ragi

      My mnemonic for adjusting the length of the string is:
      "Tighten to 'Righten'"
      For an archer placing the arrow on the left side of the bow, the
      tighter/shorter the string, the further the arrow will go to the right
      (within reason). I assume it's largely because the arrow is bending more
      and can come around the bow that little bit more.

      Doug was having bad fishtailing with his new string. I'm surprised that
      1/2" is making _that_ much difference in his arrows' flight. I've had
      days when my equipment seemed horribly wrong until I realized that I was
      paying no attention to my release. When I fixed that, everything settled
      down again.

      I wonder if Doug has been getting away with underspined arrows all along
      and just putting up with some amount of fishtailing and this new string
      length was what it took to push the system into instability.

      - Fritz
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