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19648Re: [SCA-Archery] crossbow bolts

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  • Scott B. Jaqua
    Mar 10, 2006
      ronan morton wrote:

      >Don't forget that the average long bolt for a crossbow is 1/2 the length of
      >the average arrow. That means that the spine weight triples because of
      >geometric progression. I use wooden arrows cut in half on my crossbow. The
      >arrows started at 70lb spine weight and I safely use them with a 150 lb
      >crossbow prod.
      >Ronan MacMorton
      That isn't even really an issue. Oh sure if you have a powerful enough
      crossbow, there could be compression issues between the energy imparted
      by the string and the inertia of the arrowhead. But only at extreme

      For the vast majority that will never be an issue. And by definition a
      crossbow is center shot. So there is no lateral force applied to the
      arrow at all.

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