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19566Fire arrows

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  • Cian of Storvik
    Feb 28, 2006
      I'm not a big fan of "playing with fire" especially at public
      At Pennsic I hear they build a balsa-wood viking burial ship which
      fire arrows are shot at, but very special precautions are made
      including shooting at the boat on water.
      I believe that period fire arrows probably had a gummy substance
      like pitch that they could smear on an arrow, or on a piece of cloth
      and wrap about the head. Natural tar can sometimes burn and is
      suposedly difficult to put out even in a wind, but quite noxcious i
      would assume (like a tire fire).
      A company in the UK called TODS STUFF sells a reproduction of a
      german 15th century incendiary recipe. But I believe you might have
      problems importing combustibles into the US without proper customs
      forms being applied for.
      I won't speculate on the danger involved or SCA rules might be
      broken by setting arrows on fire, but I will agree that it seems a
      bit wasteful to spend ~$3.50 on a well made arrow just so you can
      set it on fire.

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